About Us

Muva’s Extensions is something that I’m extremely passionate about, growing up in a house full of girls opened my eyes to see that girls tend to invest a lot of money into hair. I started making my own hair when I was 16 years old. It’s wasn’t easy, but I forced myself to never go to another hairstylist because I knew what I wanted and I practiced on myself until I got it. 


Somehow along the way I got obsessed with changing my look and the colour of my hair, each different style I tried made me feel like a different person and it boosted my confidence. From bob cuts to 20” loose waves, each hairstyle brought out a different part of my personality. I knew I had to share this experience with my other sisters so I decided I start Muva’s Dream Extensions because I want my sisters to bring out their inner self, feel beautiful and embark on this journey with me.

Linda Mugosa